Fashion Challenged in a week

Preface: There is really only one way to describe how I looked as I was through downtown Vancouver this afternoon: Fashion Challenged.

It's not that my look is Haute Couture the rest of the time - but I do make brave attempts to nod at fashion - It just so happened that I was particularly challenged today.

First of all, I've been officially living out of a suitcase for three days now.

Secondly, tomorrow is the first day of *July* and I'm heading to the Middle East. I think I blogged about this already or maybe I just ranted 140 characters at a time on Twitter - regardless, it was a particular challenge to pack because I needed work and play clothes appropriate for the East Coast and the Middle East - and yet I'm living in Endless Narnia Winter here in Vancouver.

As I dressed to trudge (pre-coffee) from my hotel to my apartment this morning - I attempted to wear clothing that could get dirty if I needed to throw my own elbow grease behind The Cleaning [of the apartment].

It was also cold and raining and I only have one sweater packed that was in any way weather appropriate - and it's lavender. My outfit was NOT a complimentary color to lavender. Then, because I knew that post-key-turn-in I was rewarding myself with a pedicure - I had on flip flops. In the rain and cold.

I likely frightened fashions for miles around. I comfort myself knowing that everything I wore was "solid" colors so at least I wasn't mixing patterns.

But - all that aside:

1.) The apartment was spectacularly cleaned.

2.) The building management pronounced it "perfect" and told me I was a great tenant and would be welcome back at anytime.

3.) Keys were turned in. Hugs were exchanged all around.

4.) I'm getting back all of my security deposit minus.... $6.00. They can have the $6.00 - I am so not fighting that.

5.) My toes are a pretty dark berry pink.